What it means:

Teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness. Join your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors to raise awareness about ovarian cancer by “TEAL-ing” each other. Think of it like a TEAL Makeover – decorate and trim your world! It’s fun, surprising and most of all, you’re taking action for ovarian cancer awareness!


Here’s what you need to do next:

If you’re ready to start spreading the message, or if you’ve come to this website because you or someone you know GOT TEAL’D, it’s now up to you to keep the message going:

  1. Learn about Ovarian Cancer – This is the most important step and the main goal of the GOT TEAL’D? project. Make sure that you understand all about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, who is at risk for ovarian cancer and that there is no early detection test. LEARN MORE HERE
  2. Take a Picture and Submit – We want to see how you GOT TEAL’D?! Submit a digital photo to social@ovarian.org and we’ll add it to the TEAL’D Gallery! Make sure to include your name, where you live, location that was TEAL’D and what you learned.
  3. Pick two to get TEAL’D – Identify two (or more) friends, family members, co-workers, businesses (you may need to get permission first) or other community members to get TEAL’D.
  4. Print out the Poster – It’s important to leave the GOT TEAL’D? poster at the scene you TEAL’D so that the person who has been TEAL’D learns about ovarian cancer and how to spread the message on themselves. You can download the poster for free by clicking here and print your own!
  5. Get teal decorations – Stop by your favorite party goods store or decorations stop and stock up on teal-colored decorations. You can use anything like streamers, candy, balloons, flowers, candles, table cloths, confetti, ribbons, beads, feathers and more! Get creative – there is no right or wrong way to TEAL – anything goes! Check out the samples and ideas below for inspiration.
  6. It’s TEAL Time – Identify a good time and date to decorate the locations you chose in step 3 to get TEAL’D – you can make it a surprise or give a warning that you’re setting up a special decorated scene for an important cause. Make sure the scene you decorate stands out and have fun seeing the awareness on ovarian cancer grow! Don’t forget to leave the poster from Step 4 at the scene and send us a photo at social@ovarian.org when you’re finished!
GOT TEAL’D? Inspiration and Samples

Click on an image below to view the gallery.

Other Spots to get TEAL’D:
  • Gardens and Lawns
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Elevators
  • Library Desks
  • Storefront Windows
  • Sorority/Fraternity Houses
  • Teal your Team – Athletic Teams
  • Classrooms
  • Coffee Shops
  • Public Bulletin Boards
  • School Bus
  • Many more; the possibilities are endless!

WHY TEAL? Poster image

Don’t have time to TEAL but still want to help?

If you can’t participate in GOT TEAL’D? but you still want to do your part to share the important message about Ovarian Cancer awareness, you can spread the word by downloading, printing and distributing this free informational poster.  Hang the poster around your office, in public restrooms, shops and restaurants, libraries, schools, and other public message boards.



We just love all the creative ways people GOT TEAL’D? across the country. Don’t forget to submit your photo to social@ovarian.org with your name, where you live, location TEAL’D and what you learned so we can include it in the GOT TEAL’D gallery today! Together we are creating a movement and making an impact on ovarian cancer awareness and education! View the full gallery here

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