NOCC Supporter Writes Book for Children of Moms with Cancer

Megan and her daughter six months after chemotherapy.

Megan and her daughter six months after chemotherapy.

Megan Pomputius was a 4th grade teacher and mother of a 2-year-old when she was diagnosed with Stage II ovarian cancer. She had a few symptoms, including heavy periods, painful intercourse, and lower back pain. When she first went to her gynecologist, she was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. She underwent multiple ultrasounds over a couple months, when her doctor noticed the masses were growing. Her doctor performed a laparoscopic surgery to remove them, along with one of Megan’s ovaries. He said that more exploratory surgery was needed and referred her to a larger hospital. Megan’s new surgeon recommended a full hysterectomy. After the surgery, Megan found out that she had ovarian cancer. She received 6 chemotherapy treatments over the course of 18 weeks.

While undergoing treatment, Megan kept a journal that she thought might eventually become a book for adults about the ins-and-outs of chemotherapy. Instead, she was inspired by her 2-year-old daughter’s frequent questions and decided to write a children’s book, entitled “Still My Mommy.” Megan says, “The story came very easy to me. It was our situation told from a child’s perspective. Nothing scary, just some experiences that they may face. I also wanted to allow moms to see that they will face these challenges when going through this, and it’s okay. They need to take care of themselves first to be the best mommy possible!”

Megan hopes that sharing her story will help others have open discussions about something that is usually very difficult to talk about. She wants other moms to see that “even though they are sick, or worse, may lose their life, they are still the same amazing mothers to their children, no matter what.”

Megan’s book, “Still My Mommy” is available for sale through her blog or at

You can read more about Megan’s story here.

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